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AC Installation Services in Portsmouth, VA

If you live in Portsmouth, VA, you likely know the importance of a functioning AC system. The weather here is beautiful and rarely reaches the 90s during the summer. But with the humidity, it often feels much hotter than that. 

It’s a stress reliever to have a reliable service that you can turn to when your AC starts to act up. And if you’re looking for maintenance or the “best AC installation near me,” the team at Energy Pro Heating and Cooling is here for you.

Signs that You Need AC Maintenance

Like any HVAC appliance, your AC should be regularly maintained. On average, we recommend that customers schedule at least one AC maintenance visit each year. This is best done in the cooler seasons so that your system can be ready to run when you need it.

If you’re experiencing low airflow or poor air quality, these are both signs of potential damage. The same is true when it comes to electrical issues that could be causing the system to cycle on and off. By catching these problems early on, you can prevent expensive repairs down the line.

For all of your AC maintenance needs, turn to the experienced team at Energy Pro Heating and Cooling.

AC Installation 

There may come a time when your AC system is beyond repair. Perhaps you’re just looking for an upgrade; either way, the team at Energy Pro Heating and Cooling is available for all kinds of AC installations.

Things to Consider 

When you’re looking to buy a new AC unit, there are certain questions you should think about. We work with a variety of brands and can go through the pros and cons of each one. We can even point out which AC units are Energy Star-rated — that’s a special certification that could qualify you for a federal income tax credit.

When you partner with us, we’ll perform a load calculation to determine what size unit would best cool the square footage of your home. We’ll check on the condition of your air ducts to ensure that they’re in complete working order, too.

We can even answer any questions you might have about compressors. We can tell you the difference between a single or two-stage compressor and which is better for your needs.

You don’t have to be an HVAC pro to pick out a brand-new AC unit. That’s what we’re here for! Partner with the team at Energy Pro Heating and Cooling for all of your AC installation needs.

Benefits of a New AC

As your AC unit reaches the end of its life, it gradually starts using more and more power to run. This translates into higher costs on your monthly utility bills. Newer systems offer greater energy efficiency than their counterparts from years past. Since it’s more efficient, it’ll be using less energy, lowering utility costs in the process.

Your new AC will be stronger than the older unit, which means that it’ll increase the airflow in your home, too.

Even beyond your own comfort, a new AC system will add value to your property overall. If you plan to put your house on the market, buyers will be excited that you’ve led the way with an energy-efficient, powerful AC system. 

Certain models even come with tax and property insurance incentives. With that in mind, it’s possible that your AC upgrade could pay for itself! 

Ductless AC Installation

If you’re looking into an AC installation, it’s worth taking the time to think about making the upgrade to a ductless AC system. It’s a far more manageable AC installation that works without the extensive ducts of traditional systems, which makes it a great solution for older homes or recent additions. It’s smaller, quieter, and can be adjusted to cool your home or office without wasting energy.

We can talk through the different options based on your needs and the space you’re working with. And if you have questions about any aspect of a ductless AC unit, we’re here to answer them.

At Energy Pro Heating and Cooling, we aim to make connections throughout the Portsmouth area. It’s why we promote our Service Club Membership, where you can get discounts and priority service for less than fifteen dollars a month. 

Our work is motivated by comfort, quality, and trust, so when you work with us, we’re confident you’ll be able to tell the difference. Contact your neighbors at Energy Pro Heating and Cooling today. We can bring you the best HVAC service that Virginia has to offer.