AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance Service Professionals Near Portsmouth, VA

Throughout the summer, homeowners rely on air conditioning to keep the home cool and prevent overheating or related health issues. When the air conditioner stops working, it can be dangerous if the home heats up too high before it is repaired. Homeowners have the opportunity to take advantage of professional AC maintenance services to keep their air conditioner in excellent condition, which can help prevent breakdowns and provide other benefits, too. 

Benefits of AC Maintenance

Preventative maintenance should be done regularly to help homeowners keep up with the needs of the air conditioning system in their homes. When maintenance is done regularly, it’s possible to prevent potential issues with the air conditioner, lower energy costs, and keep the current unit working as long as possible.  

Prevent Potential Issues

Professionals handling the maintenance will keep an eye out for any parts that are wearing down or that have stopped working correctly. These issues can be handled immediately so they don’t become worse and end up causing the system to break down during the summer when it’s used frequently. This can also help keep repair costs lower because many potential issues can be caught early and fixed before they become worse and more costly to repair. 

Save Money on Energy Bills

When an air conditioning unit is working at peak efficiency, energy bills will be lower. As the equipment ages, the efficiency will lower. By properly maintaining the unit, it’s possible to keep it running as efficiently as possible and make sure the bills are as low as possible while still making sure the home is comfortable. 

Keep the AC Working Longer

HVAC equipment does wear down over time. Depending on the air conditioning unit installed, it may need to be replaced after 10 to 15 years. If the equipment is not taken care of properly, it could end up needing to be replaced much earlier. If it is taken care of and well maintained, it may last much longer. 

When to Have Maintenance Done

Maintenance should be done by a local HVAC contractor at least once per year. It is important to keep up with the maintenance to help prevent potential issues during the summer months. Though the summer is when the air conditioner is used more frequently, maintenance should be done before then to make sure the unit is ready to go. Winter or spring are great times to have maintenance done since there is time to fix anything that requires new parts before the air conditioner is needed.

Maintenance Includes:

Maintenance done by a professional will include a thorough inspection of the system as well as a detailed investigation into anything that may need to be repaired or cleaned. By going over every part of the system, the professional can make sure there isn’t anything that requires attention or that could break down during the upcoming summer months. Some of the tasks a professional will do when they perform preventative maintenance on an HVAC system include the following. 

  • Replacing Air Filters
  • Checking Electrical Components
  • Lubrication for Moving Components
  • Checking Thermostat
  • Checking Fan Blades
  • Cleaning Coils and Ducts

If homeowners have any concerns about their air conditioner, they can let the professional know before maintenance begins. The professional handling the maintenance will thoroughly inspect everything but pay special attention to anything that could cause the issues the homeowner is experiencing. This allows everything to be properly repaired, so there aren’t any worries about whether the system will continue working when it’s needed the most. 

AC Maintenance Service Professionals Near Portsmouth, VA

Preventative maintenance can help homeowners make sure they have the system in good working order before the usage increases drastically during the summer. Since air conditioning is relied on to keep the home comfortable, it is crucial homeowners have a Portsmouth HVAC company they can turn to when they need to have anything repaired or for general maintenance services. Homeowners will want to make sure they have a company they can trust to get the job done right and make sure everything is in good working condition. 

Air conditioners can last a long time, but they will need repairs periodically. By having preventative maintenance done, it’s possible to make sure the air conditioning will work throughout the summer, will be more efficient, and will last as long as possible before needing to be replaced. To make sure the air conditioner is working properly and ready for the heat of the summer, call Energy Pro Heating & Cooling now and schedule a maintenance service.