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Heating Installation in Portsmouth, VA

Keeping your home warm in winter does not have to be a difficult or expensive endeavor. With the many heating system installations available for your home, it may be a tough choice if you don’t know much about them. From a gas heating installation to an electric heating installation, these heaters have unique benefits and can offer your home many advantages.
To get the best out of your central heating installation, you want to make an informed decision. Knowing what each system offers can help you choose the right heating system installation for your home. When you have decided on the system that suits your home and your needs best, be sure to hire a professional HVAC technician to install your system to ensure safety, convenience, and reliability.

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The Size of Your Heating Installation

There is no doubt that homes come in all shapes and sizes. This results in our needs being different. Not only does the size of a home make a difference, but also the position and number of windows and other factors. These all contribute to what type or size heating system your home will need. If a heating system is too large for your home, your installation cost will be higher, and you will be spending unnecessary money on utility bills. On the other hand, if your heating system is too small for your home, it will experience more wear and tear, resulting in a shorter lifespan.


Types of Heating Installations

There are many heating systems to keep you warm and snug this winter. Here are some heating installation options for your home.



A furnace is a great way to keep your home warm in the cold months. It is the most commonly used heating system. It offers a range of advantages for homeowners. If you already have one in your home, you know how great it is. We offer a variety of furnace services in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.


Advantages of a Furnace

  • A furnace provides evenly-distributed heat, heating your home equally and quickly.
  • A furnace is also compatible with any central HVAC system, making it a versatile choice.
  • It comes with the option of being gas-powered, electric-powered, or oil-powered. This means that a furnace can suit many different types of homes.
  • A gas-powered furnace is highly energy-efficient and will save you money on your monthly utility bills. If you have an existing municipal gas line, it’s an even greater advantage.
  • An electric-powered furnace is a safer option that costs less to install.
  • An oil-powered furnace is also an energy-efficient option that will also cost less to install than a gas-powered furnace.


Heat Pump

If you are looking for a way to combat the hot and cold months with one system, a heat pump may be the perfect heating system for your home. Keeping your home comfortable all year round is possible with a heat pump. Contact Energy Pro Heating & Cooling for your heating and cooling installation.


Advantages of a Heat Pump

  • Heat pumps use outdoor energy. This means that they are more energy-efficient and cost-effective. A heat pump will heat your home without running up a large utility bill.
  • A heat pump is noticeably less noisy, making your home more peaceful.
  • Possibly the best advantage of a heat pump is its versatility. Since a heat pump can heat your home and cool it down, it is a popular choice among homeowners when searching for an HVAC system installation.
  • It also offers even heat distribution too, allowing your home to heat up quickly and stay warm without using too much energy.


Trustworthy Heating Installation in Portsmouth, VA

Energy Pro Heating & Cooling understands that you spend a lot of time in your home, and it needs to be a comfortable space for you and your family. We also understand that you don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money on a heating system. Hiring a professional can give you peace of mind and save you money. While we guarantee a reliable heating installation for your home, you can count on us to deliver the best service in the industry. We have been servicing Portsmouth, VA, for many years, so if you want to hire the best in the business, look no further. We are your solution!

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