Why Is My AC Tripping My Circuit Breaker?

It can be frustrating when your air conditioning unit triggers your breaker to switch off, especially if your AC seems to be working fine. Regardless of how it appears, if your AC is tripping your circuit breaker, something is wrong.

Circuits trip as a failsafe to avoid damaging equipment and to prevent fires. If your AC is tripping your circuit breaker, it’s because your AC is trying to pull in more amps than it should.

What You Can Do

Resetting your breaker over and over can cause more damage and potentially start a fire in your home. So in most cases, if you’re in the Portsmouth, VA, area, you’ll want to contact Energy Pro Heating & Cooling to check for problems and conduct an AC repair.

However, there are a few things you can check first that may resolve your problem.

Clogged Air Filter

If the air filter in your AC is clogged, it will cause your AC to work harder than it usually would. If your AC is working extra hard, it may be trying to pull extra electricity to get the job done. Clean your filter and see if that solves the problem.

Power Surge

If there has recently been a severe storm or some bad weather, a power surge in or near your home might have caused the breaker to switch. Before calling in for AC service, shut everything off to let it reset. If your breaker trips again when it turns back on, you know something else is wrong.

4 Potential Reasons Your AC Is Tripping Your Breaker

If you’ve cleaned your air filter and there has been no recent power surge, but your AC is still tripping your circuit breaker, you may want to call Energy Pro Heating & Cooling (if you’re in the Portsmouth, VA, area) to come and take a look. Repeated tripping of your circuit breaker could end up becoming a serious fire hazard.

Our team will quickly determine why your AC is trying to draw extra energy from your electrical system and develop a repair plan. Here are a few common reasons why your AC might be tripping your circuit breaker.

4. Loose Electrical Connections

As the weather changes, the electrical connections can shift. The shifting may cause them to come loose. Needless to say, loose electrical connections carry much less power than they would if properly attached.

A professional can make the adjustments necessary to get everything back in place and working smoothly.

3. Shorted Motor

In the summer, your AC is likely running for many hours in the day. Constant running like this may cause it to overheat. Your AC’s electrical wires are covered in insulation, which can melt or decompose when too hot for too long.

Shorted wires are a significant fire hazard that would undoubtedly make a circuit breaker cut off power. Repairs for this type of problem are best handled by a professional.

2. Dirty Outside Unit

The outside unit disperses the heat collected by the refrigerant. Unfortunately, being outside means it is constantly exposed to dirt, dust, and debris. All this buildup can make it difficult for the refrigerant to cool down.

Cleaning the outside unit isn’t a straightforward task. This unit can be easily damaged if treated wrong. A professional will have the proper equipment and chemicals to get the unit working effectively again.

1. Compressor Failure

The compressor is part of the outdoor unit of your AC. It takes a lot of energy to start up. An older or failing compressor will need to work harder to start up, pulling more electricity and potentially tripping your circuit breaker.

There are some tricks a professional can do to get your compressor starting up more easily again. However, only a professional will determine whether there is a quick fix or the compressor needs replacing.

HVAC Repair Near Portsmouth, VA

Of course, air conditioners have many running parts, and there are just as many reasons the unit could make your breaker trip. Even if it seems to be working correctly, many other things could be wrong with your air conditioner.

Energy Pro Heating & Cooling offers all kinds of residential and commercial assistance for all your heating, cooling, and HVAC service needs. Our professional technicians can quickly and confidently diagnose the problem to get your AC repaired and back to cool down your home.

If you live in Portsmouth (VA), Suffolk (VA), or Hampton Roads and have an AC tripping your circuit breaker, give us a call. We’re ready to work with all AC brands and models.

October 25th, 2021 | Heating and Cooling