Mini-Split AC

Mini-Split AC Systems: Installation & Repair Near Portsmouth, VA

Homeowners who don’t want a conventional air conditioning unit – or who can’t have one for a variety of reasons – may opt for a mini-split AC system instead. These systems can be installed in any home, are easy to care for, and provide numerous benefits that homeowners can take advantage of compared to a traditional HVAC system. Some of the reasons to have this type of system installed include the following. 

Save Money on Energy Bills

A mini-split system is smaller than a traditional HVAC system and is designed to be more energy-efficient. Combined, these allow it to operate using much less energy, which leads to savings for the homeowner. The amount of savings can vary depending on how the homeowner uses the system but can be significant. Homeowners who are tired of huge energy bills during the hottest and coldest months of the year may consider the switch to a mini-split system to see how much money they can save. Depending on the savings, the unit could pay for itself relatively quickly. 

No Ducts Required for Use

A conventional HVAC system requires ducts to move cool air throughout the home. These are often placed in the attic but can be in other parts of the home if there is room. Ducts can end up leaking or having other issues over time, which leads to inefficient cooling and some parts of the home are warmer than others. They can also be expensive to repair or replace due to where they’re located in the home and the difficulty of accessing them. Some homes can’t have ducts because they were constructed before air conditioning was used, and there is no room to install the ducts. For both of these situations, ductless air conditioning is a fantastic solution. 

Heating and Cooling Possible

Mini-split units offer both heating and cooling in the home, so there’s no need to have two different systems. Homeowners can easily switch between heating or cooling, depending on the season, and turn the system on or off as needed to save on energy costs. By pairing the system with a smart thermostat, homeowners can have further control over when the system heats or cools the home and what temperature the home is at when the system is in use. 

Less Maintenance Needed

Maintenance is required for a mini-split system, but not as much as a traditional HVAC system. Homeowners can have a Portsmouth HVAC take a look at the system yearly to make sure everything is in good condition. If there is anything that needs to be repaired, the professional can do it then to keep the system working properly and prevent any issues when it’s needed the most during the hottest and coldest parts of the year. 

Can Last a Lot Longer

Due to the size and how they work, mini-split systems tend to last a lot longer than traditional HVAC systems. Homeowners who take excellent care of the system and have maintenance done regularly may notice that the system lasts a lot longer than a traditional unit would with the same care. Often, homeowners will decide to upgrade the system after a number of years to take advantage of new technology or improvements in energy efficiency that can help them save money instead of having to replace one that has stopped working. 

Less Noise Compared to Traditional Units

Though the noise of a traditional HVAC system is often drowned out by other noises in and around the home, it can still be noticeable and bothersome to some homeowners. A mini-split system is noticeably quieter, so there isn’t as much noise that could bother homeowners or those living nearby. Anyone who is worried about the noise from their air conditioner may want to consider having a mini-split system installed in their home. 

Having a Mini-Split System Installed

A mini-split system can be easily installed in any home. If there is a traditional system already in place, it can be completely removed and replaced with the mini-split system. If there is not yet an air conditioner in place or the home currently uses window units, a professional can install the mini-split system. The installation is quick since there is no need to install, repair or replace ducts, and the homeowner can begin using it as soon as possible. 

Ready for a new air conditioning system? A mini-split system may be the perfect option and can provide numerous benefits, like those listed above. Homeowners who are interested in finding out more about whether a mini-split system is right for their home or considering the switch to help keep their home a comfortable temperature throughout the year can schedule a consultation with Energy Pro Heating & Cooling now.