Furnace Maintenance

No One Wants To Be Stuck in a Home With a Broken Furnace in the Middle of Winter. With Temperatures Dropping to the 30s and Snow Being a Possibility, the Winter Is Not the Time To Have To Worry About Whether the Furnace Is Working Properly or How Muc

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No one wants to be stuck in a home with a broken furnace in the middle of winter. With temperatures dropping to the 30s and snow being a possibility, the winter is not the time to have to worry about whether the furnace is working properly or how much it will cost to run. To protect against the cold, homeowners will want to have furnace maintenance done before the weather chills. 

During the maintenance, an expert will check every part of the furnace to make sure it’s working correctly and operating as efficiently as possible. This includes checking the vent system and removing blockages, looking at the heat exchanger, examining the blower and motor, and looking at the electrical connections. Maintenance services also include checking the burner, belts, thermostat, air filter, and safety controls. The expert can lubricate any moving parts to ensure they won’t wear out early. 

Oil or Gas Furnaces

Oil and gas furnaces do require a little bit of extra work to make sure everything is in good shape. This includes inspecting the fuel lines, testing the gas pressure, and examining the thermocouple for potential damage or wear and tear. No matter what type of furnace it is, if anything isn’t in working condition, it will be repaired or replaced. When the maintenance is done, the furnace will be ready for the winter and will have a much lower chance of breaking down when it’s needed the most. 

When to Schedule Maintenance

While it’s never too late to schedule maintenance for the heating system, this is something that’s better to do in the late summer or fall. It’s far better to have the maintenance done before the system needs to be used so potential problems can be caught early and won’t get worse with the use. It is important to have the maintenance done yearly, too. Having it done each year ensures the system is ready for the winter weather and can help prevent excess wear and tear that could cause a breakdown or reduce the system’s efficiency. 

Top Benefits of Maintenance

Maintenance services are designed to keep the furnace running in peak condition through the winter. Since they include a thorough inspection of the furnace and repairs of anything that is worn down or broken, preventative maintenance services can prevent quite a bit of potential issues. 

Prevent Breakdown in Winter

No one wants their furnace to stop working when it’s cold out. By having everything inspected before winter begins, it’s possible to prevent many potential issues. 

Prevent Emergency Services

When it’s the middle of winter, and the furnace stops working, there’s no time to waste. Emergency repairs are needed to prevent the house from getting too cold, but they can be costly. Maintenance can help prevent this, keeping the furnace working when it’s needed. 

Prevent Higher Utility Costs

Even if the furnace continues working all winter, if it’s not in good condition, it won’t be as energy efficient. This will end up costing the homeowner, as they’ll experience higher than expected energy costs through the winter months. 

Cost of Preventative Maintenance

When it’s time to have maintenance done, the cost can be a concern. Homeowners won’t want to spend a lot of money on a service if they aren’t sure it’s needed. The reality is, though, that maintenance is incredibly affordable and can be a fantastic way to prevent more serious issues during the winter months. By having the system inspected and repaired before winter begins, it’s possible to prevent some of the major issues furnaces can have and more costly repair bills, especially if it ends up being an emergency repair when the weather is below freezing outside. 

Furnace Maintenance Portsmouth, VA Professionals

When it comes to the home’s heating and cooling, always work with a trusted professional to make sure the job is done right. Proper maintenance includes a number of different steps, and if a homeowner doesn’t know what they’re looking for, they can easily miss something crucial. Instead, let the furnace maintenance professionals handle the job, and rest assured it’s done properly, so the system is ready to use no matter how cold it gets outside. 

With winter weather approaching, now’s the time to have maintenance services done on the furnace. It’s far better to have everything inspected now than to worry about whether it’s going to last through the winter without issue. Ready to schedule maintenance for your furnace? Call the pros at Energy Pro Heating & Cooling for help today.