Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation in Portsmouth, VA

When you need a new furnace installed in your home, you want to know that the company you’ve hired to do the job has the knowledge and the experience to do it right. After all, furnace installation can be a complex process, and if the job is done wrong it could wind up being quite an expensive headache.

At Energy Pro Heating & Cooling, we take pride in our work. We will provide your home with a heating system that runs efficiently at an affordable price. When you need furnace installation services you can trust, call the experienced team at Energy Pro Heating & Cooling!

Preparing for Your Furnace Installation

Furnace installation isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Your heating system should be tailored to the specifications of your home. If it isn’t sized appropriately, you may just end up with sky-high utility bills and a house that can’t stay properly heated. 

Here are the steps that our team will take as we prepare to install your new furnace:

Step 1:  Load Calculation

The first step in preparing for your furnace installation Is to assess how powerful your furnace will need to be. This is done with a relatively simple formula that takes into account your existing square footage, the number and size of windows, the number of exterior doors, and the number of occupants in the home. 

Step 2:  Checking the Ductwork

Once we know how powerful your new furnace is going to be, we’ll need to make sure that your ductwork is able to properly facilitate the airflow of the new unit. This step is crucial, as improperly sized air ducts can put a serious strain on your heating system. Improperly sized air ducts can cause utility bills to spike significantly, leading to more frequent issues with your furnace.

Step 3:  Taking Measurements 

Next, we’re going to need to take some measurements of the area where the furnace will be installed. A furnace should have about 30 inches of space between the walls of the room it’s being installed in. This provides proper airflow and ventilation, along with room for HVAC technicians to work on it if the need arises.

Step 4:  Gas and Wiring 

Ensuring that your home’s electrical wiring and gas lines can facilitate the furnace installation is important. That way, any necessary changes can be made prior to the day of installation. 

Step 5:  Assessing the Need for New Installations

Depending on the furnace we’re installing and the other HVAC systems already present in your home, we may need to prepare for extra support, such as a new chimney flue liner or equipment to make sure that your heating system is compatible with your central air. 

We’ll assess the need for these systems and take the proper measurements to account for them.   

What to Expect on the Day of Installation 

After the preparations have been made for your furnace installation, your home will be ready for its brand-new heating system. Here’s a look at what to expect on the day of the installation.

Protecting Your Home 

This step involves you, along with our team of experienced HVAC technicians. Before installation, you should prepare your home -- and particularly your furnace room -- so that the team can have a safe and clear path and enough space to work. 

This not only protects our technicians; it protects your home, as well. Our installers will lay down floor coverings to prevent any damage while the unit is being transported, too. 

An Overview of Your New Equipment

It’s always best to double-check that everything is in order before the installation occurs. That’s why one of the installers should speak with you about your new unit and any other necessary accessories before getting started. 

Safety Precautions

The installation team should be sure to run through all of the necessary safety measures prior to installation. This means shutting off gas lines and electrical breakers while making sure the furnace room is properly prepared for a safe installation.


You can now sit back and relax while your HVAC technicians get to work on removing old equipment and installing your brand-new unit. You can expect this to take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

Where Can I Find the Best HVAC Service Near Me?

It’s easier than you might think to find high-quality HVAC services at an affordable price. If you're in need of furnace installation or any other kinds of furnace services, the team at Energy Pro Heating & Cooling has you covered! Contact us online or give us a call today to schedule your appointment!