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HVAC Service in Norfolk, VA

Whether you need repair, replacement, or simple maintenance on your home systems, you can trust Energy Pro to get the job done right. We offer services on all things heating and coolingair quality systems, and gas lines for both residential and business properties.

Not only will you receive exceptional customer service from our qualified technicians, but you can rest assured knowing that we are always looking for energy savers to decrease the impact on the environment and your monthly bills. Learn more about how our services can assist you below.


Reliable heating systems are essential for surviving the Norfolk winters. The best way to ensure working heating in your home this winter is by scheduling a yearly tune-up on your heating appliances.

No matter if you rely on a furnace, heat pump, gas fireplace, or boiler, these systems must be regularly maintained in order to work to the best of their abilities. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing your home will remain comfortable during the cold winter months, but you will also save on your energy bills running a clean appliance rather than a dirty one. Discover more about our heating services below.


Most modern homes use furnaces for their indoor heating solutions. If a home is already equipped with ducts, it makes sense to use a furnace for whole-home heating. A furnace can remain reliable for up to 20 years with regular maintenance. However, poorly maintained furnaces can pose a threat to the health and safety of homeowners.

During an annual tune-up, our technicians will make sure various internal parts are safely and properly working. If anything appears worn out or damaged, we will alert the homeowner and offer potential repair solutions. Sometimes a replacement makes more sense over a repair, especially if the furnace is reaching that 20-year mark. When this is the case, we are more than happy to show you a range of options to meet your needs and budget.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are often used as an alternative to the standard furnace.  Additionally, heat pumps can work in a reverse way during summer months, pumping heat out of the home to keep indoor temperatures cool.

Just like with a furnace, a heat pump must be regularly maintained in order to survive its full projected lifespan. Call us for your next heat pump tune-up, repair, or replacement need. If you are interested in learning more about heat pumps, our experts are ready to assist and explain the different options available to best serve your home.

Gas Logs

A fireplace can add a certain aesthetic to a home and help provide affordable supplemental heat when temperatures drop. However, they can be a pain to maintain. Gas logs provide an easier and more efficient alternative to traditional wood logs. Our experts are ready to help you choose a design for your home and install it before the next winter rolls in.


While boilers may not be the most popular method of heating today, there are still many homes and buildings that use boilers in the Norfolk area. Our Energy Pro technicians are well-equipped to maintain, repair, and replace any residential or commercial boiler model. Boilers also need regular maintenance to work best. When your boiler is needing to be replaced, we can show you our range of energy-efficient models to help reduce your heating costs.


Cooling systems can be just as essential as heating for the Norfolk area. When temperatures rise in the summer, nothing beats the refreshing cool indoors. Without reliable air conditioning, you could be subjected to a downright miserable home environment. Prevent uncomfortable summers and untimely air conditioning breakdowns by scheduling a yearly maintenance check on your unit with Energy Pro experts before summer is in full swing.

Central AC

Whether you need AC repair, maintenance, or replacement, our trained technicians are ready to assist. We are familiar with many different units and will even service ones we didn’t install ourselves. If your air conditioner is having issues or not cooling your home to your requirements, our experts can come to diagnose the problem and offer repair options that work for you. When it’s time to replace your unit, quickly and easily find a replacement option with Energy Pro and get back to a cool home in no time.

Ductless Systems

Many Norfolk residents are opting for ductless air conditioning systems these days, especially if their homes don’t already include ductwork. Ductless air conditioning, or mini-split systems, are simple to install, efficient, and provide homeowners with more freedom when it comes to cooling in their homes.

One benefit of ductless air conditioning is that specific rooms or zones can be cooled at a time without having to waste energy cooling the whole home. If ductless interests you, or you already have ductless and need a maintenance check, contact our professionals today. Just like with central air, a ductless system requires regular maintenance to keep up its efficiency and functionality.


Without ducts, your furnace or air conditioner would be rendered useless. Ducts are what supply every room of your home with cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. A damaged, dirty, or ineffective duct can lead to unsuccessful climate control and even health issues if not addressed.

If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills or feel that your air systems are not meeting your needs despite everything else working correctly, then you may want to inspect your ducts. Even small holes in a duct can cause significant airflow loss, causing your furnace and air conditioner to work harder in order to maintain your desired temperatures. Not only does this increase your heating and cooling costs, but it can lead to premature part failures and total breakdowns sooner than you expect.

At Energy Pro, we offer full duct cleaning, repair, and replacement services. Our professionals can seal those pesky gaps and holes to help improve the airflow within the ducts. We can also clear your ducts of dust, pollen, and debris to prevent particles from polluting the air you breathe. If a duct is beyond repair, we can replace the section. Or, we can do a full installation if you decide to switch to a ducted heating and cooling system for your home.

Air Quality Systems

For many homes, indoor air quality can often be worse than outdoor air quality. This is a problem for allergy sufferers and those with asthma. Your indoor air could also be causing your breathing issues and frequent illness.

A simple solution to indoor air pollutants is installing the right air filter for your HVAC system. Many homeowners choose the cheapest one they can find and may forget to change it out until their annual HVAC inspection. It is recommended that an air filter is replaced every three months, or more if there are pets in the home or someone in the home suffers from airborne allergies.

Air filters are also rated based on how much and what size of pollutant they filter from the air. The higher the MERV rating, the better it will be at filtering particles from the air. Of course, these will be more expensive than the ones that only filter out dust. Our experts can help you choose an air filter best fit for your needs and for your HVAC system without causing it too much strain.

Besides an air filter, ducts are also an important part of preserving the air quality in your home. Dirty ducts can harbor dust, allergens, mold, bacteria, and other harmful pollutants. To remove all traces of airborne irritants, call us for an extensive duct cleaning today.

Central Humidifiers

Ideally, the humidity in your home should remain between 40% and 50%. Lower than 40% can cause dryness in your airways and bloody noses. Humidity imbalances can also cause problems for furniture, paint, and wallpaper, plus cause mold growth and increase condensation around the home. While your heating and air conditioning can cause a drop in humidity in your home, a central humidifier can help maintain balance when it gets too dry.

Individual humidifiers often require a lot of maintenance between keeping them filled and free of mold growth. A central humidifier hooks up directly to your home’s plumbing, eliminating both of these maintenance requirements. Easily control your home’s climate and humidity levels by scheduling a professional installation with Energy Pro today.

Gas Lines

Gas is often cheaper to use in Norfolk for energy than electricity. For this reason, many homes use gas-powered furnaces, water heaters, stoves, and other appliances. Energy Pro experts can help install new gas lines to your home and inspect them for safety if there is ever a concern.

A gas leak can cause a fire or health issues for residents in your home. Sometimes a gas-powered appliance will produce harmful carbon monoxide, so it’s important to install a detector and watch for signs of a leak to keep yourself and others safe inside your home. During an emergency situation, call one of our professionals immediately for inspection and repair.