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Air Conditioning Service in Portsmouth, VA

While it can be a relief to feel the balmy rays of sun on the first warm day of spring, by midsummer, you may be wishing for cool fall days again. At Energy Pro Heating & Cooling, we make your home the perfect temperature from May to October with our air conditioning services.

If you have been browsing online for an air conditioning repair company to keep your system in excellent condition, spend some time reading about our unique services and products. Alternatively, give us a ring or send us your message online. We’d be happy to help you!

AC Installation Services

While you can cool off on lazy days by meandering along the beach or splashing in the water, there are going to be times when you have to stay indoors. Whether you work from home and need your AC all day, or you only need it at night and on the weekends, you want your air conditioner to be able to work for years without having significant problems. We know how to install systems that are reliable, efficient, and long-lasting.

Two of our favorite systems are the Trane and NuTone systems. We have found that they work well in the Portsmouth climate, and they have a reputation for high performance and longevity. We will help you narrow down the right system for you by offering advice on the size, brand, type, and efficiency of each model you are looking at. You are in safe hands with AC installation from Energy Pro.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

After your AC install, it is essential to stick to a solid maintenance plan to ensure your system continues working at the highest performance level. Not only does the health of your system depend on this care, but your warranty may as well. Many warranties are only valid as long as the system receives annual tune-ups. While your AC may keep running for years without a tune-up, your energy bills may steadily increase, and there will always be anxiety lurking in the back of your mind that your AC may be on its way out.

An AC tune-up is a fast but detailed process that should ideally be undertaken at the end of the winter each year. When done at this time of year, you will have confidence that your system will be ready to go on the first hot day. Our team at Energy Pro will clean your condenser coils during a tune-up, recalibrate the thermostat, fill refrigerant if necessary, tighten any loosening parts, find potential leaks, and more.

AC Repair Services

Even if you have carefully selected your unit, had it installed by the best professionals, and maintained it every year, there still may be times when you need an AC repair. After a long, hot summer, wear and tear can necessitate replacing various components inside your system. If your system is working hard, running continuously, but not making your home any cooler, it may be time to take pity on your system and call our professional technicians.

Our repair process is centered around our customers. Before work even starts, we put together a written estimate, and we are careful not to diverge from this plan. Because we believe it is essential for our customers to understand the process, we are always straightforward about your system’s needs and our goals for repairing it.  

Ductless AC Systems

When central air conditioning is not an option because of a lack of ductwork or other factors, many homeowners will jump directly to a window unit as a solution. However, while these systems may be a fine choice in some situations, they also come with their share of disadvantages. There are other options which we are proud to offer.

Ductless AC systems are space-saving and energy-efficient, and they provide flexible cooling inside the home. They are also beneficial in that they can heat the home and provide an all-in-one heating and cooling system. If adding ductwork to your home is not an option, consider our ductless mini-split AC systems.

Emergency Service in Portsmouth

We know that not every problem happens on a Wednesday morning. When issues with your HVAC system strike at an inconvenient time, you are covered by our 24/7 emergency service availability. At all other hours of the day, our experts are available to treat your non-emergency services.

Trust Energy Pro Heating & Cooling HVAC Services

We know there are many options for AC services in the Portsmouth area. However, our dedication to excellence, determination to serve our customers well, and affordable prices make us an excellent choice for you and your home. Call Energy Pro Heating & Cooling today for air conditioning installations, repairs, and advice.