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Air Conditioning Service in Norfolk, VA

Norfolk can be a comfortable place to live, with many pleasant days throughout the year, especially in early summer and fall. However, in July and August, when temperatures rise, it is good to have an AC that you can rely on to cool your home.

At Energy Pro Heating & Cooling, we specialize in servicing and installing all types of AC systems to keep your home cool even when it’s hot outside. If you have been browsing for “AC repair near me,” we hope you will take the time to get to know our company.

AC Repair

When working correctly, your air conditioner should turn on automatically when your home gets too warm and cycle off again when the desired temperature is reached. The air coming from your vents should feel icy cold, and it should be able to do its job quickly and efficiently without costing a fortune. If this does not describe your unit, you may need an AC repair.  Before calling Energy Pro for an inefficient system, you can try changing the filter and checking your thermostat to make sure it is not set on the “fan” function. If everything seems normal, but your AC is still not working well, you can give our team a call. It may need to be cleaned, repaired, or even replaced. We will always explain your options to you and give you an accurate estimate before beginning any work. 

AC Unit Installation

As air conditioners age, they begin to break down more frequently. Upkeep of these systems can be expensive and take up too much of your time. With a new AC, you can enjoy colder air, lower utilities, and the peace of knowing that you can count on your system to cool your home without breaking down.  We offer AC installation services for the best brands and models that are available today. There are choices for every home and budget, and we have an aptitude for finding the perfect AC for every situation. When you call Energy Pro Heating & Cooling, you can expect individualized care as well as an exceptional work ethic and passion for excellence. We end each installation by going over a recommended maintenance plan to keep your air conditioner working for years.

ACTune-Ups & Maintenance

Suppose you have been viewing air conditioning tune-ups as an unnecessary luxury for your system. In that case, you have been missing out on the benefits that regular maintenance can provide both for your system and your bank account. By budgeting a small amount of money each year for an AC tuneup, you can save hundreds in emergency repairs and early replacements. You can also make the air in your home cleaner, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and keep your Norfolk home safer through regular AC care.  The best way to establish a solid maintenance routine after your AC install is to invest in our Club Membership. In addition to two free cleanings and inspections each year, you will also receive priority service and discounts on all of your repairs and installations at Energy Pro Heating & Cooling. Members also receive a reduced service fee for all evaluation services.

Ductless Air Conditioning

We receive many questions from our customers about the pros and cons of ductless AC systems. If your home already has a central air conditioning system, switching to a ductless system for your whole house is probably not the most economical choice. However, if your home does not have ductwork, you need more flexibility with your home’s zones, or you need an affordable system for your workshop, add-on, or mother-in-law suite, it can be a perfect choice.  When chosen and installed correctly, ductless air conditioners offer an affordable and energy-efficient way to cool your home. It is easy to create zones with this type of system and to set several rooms to different temperatures for optimal comfort and control. They can be installed within a couple of hours, and they don’t take up too much space in your home. We have extensive knowledge about ductless air conditioners, and we offer repair, maintenance, and installation services for these systems in the Norfolk area. 

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At Energy Pro, our goal is to find the perfect cooling solution for your home. We never sell you products or services that you do not need, and we are continually working to find ways to make AC maintenance and repair more affordable for you. If you are looking for quality AC services in the Norfolk area, call Energy Pro today.