Air Conditioning Became Common When…

Air conditioning is a luxury that many people take for granted. When there are high temperatures outside, it can become too hot within your home. But with the flip of a switch, the conditions can change, creating a more comfortable environment. You may be surprised to learn that this magical cooling device hasn’t been around for that long. 

Before air conditioning, people would hope that a cool breeze would come their way or rely on the use of fans. Today, almost every home you enter has an air conditioning unit that creates comfortable living conditions in which we thrive. If you’re having trouble with your system, you can call any number of nearby HVAC professionals, and they’ll have it repaired in no time. 

If air conditioners haven’t been around for long, one has to ask, “When did air conditioning become common?” 

The Invention of the Air Conditioner 

With the invention of electricity, the possibilities for new devices to make life more comfortable became limitless. Electricity spread throughout the United States and into New York City, spawning thousands of valuable inventions. In 1901, William Carrier created what would come to be known as the modern air conditioner. 

In 1906, Stuart Cramer invented the technology that adds moisture to the air, creating a consistent temperature. The first location to benefit from this invention was a printing plant in New York. Cramer called his invention “air conditioning,” and Carrier adopted the name. 

Carrier went on to call his company The Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America. His company still exists today as one of the largest HVAC companies in the world.    

When Did Air Conditioning Become Common in U.S. Homes? 

Like most inventions, air conditioning took some time to catch on. It wasn’t until 1914 that the first residential air conditioner was installed. This groundbreaking unit was an enormous 20 feet long and 7 feet high. It cost $500,000 in today’s money. 

In 1931, a comparatively more affordable option was introduced in the form of a window unit. It made air conditioning more commonplace and close to the popularity of today. It resembled modern window units but still came with a hefty price tag. 

Over time, the prices went down as the technology improved. Practically every newly constructed home came with the luxury of central air conditioning.

Air conditioning units became a regular fixture in homes across the United States, especially in warmer climates like Florida. Today, only 10% of homes lack some sort of air conditioning! 

It’s no surprise that you will find a higher percentage of homes in the southern states that have an air conditioning unit. In fact, 99% of southern homeowners can cool off at the end of their day with the help of an AC unit. 

Air Conditioning Across the Globe 

Air conditioning in the United States is so common that many don’t realize other countries don’t have the same luxury. Part of that is due to climate. After all, if you live in an area where the temperature is low, air conditioning wouldn’t be the best investment.   

For many countries, price is the most significant factor. Although AC units are reasonably priced for those living in the U.S., other parts of the world cannot handle the additional expense. Many of the warmest places still don’t have access to AC for this reason. 

The temperature averages 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in India, but only 5% of homes benefit from air conditioning. The same is true for Mexico, where approximately 16% of homes have an AC unit.     

The Lifespan of an Air Conditioner 

If you’re looking for a local contractor to upgrade or install an air conditioner, you might be wondering how long your investment will last. Thanks to modern technology, air conditioners are more dependable than ever. With proper maintenance from a nearby HVAC professional, today’s air conditioner could last up to 20 years.    

Areas with extreme temperatures or those close to a beach may see shorter life spans because of how salty air can affect the unit. Still, you could expect a beachfront air conditioner to last between 8 and 15 years.  

Finding a Local Contractor for AC Services 

As any homeowner knows, having an HVAC technician you can depend on is essential. With access to the internet, finding a contractor and related reviews has become more accessible. You can trust your friend’s recommendations or ask Alexa to find a nearby HVAC professional, and you’ll be given an extensive list of names and websites to review. 

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April 5th, 2022 | Heating and Cooling