Making Your Home’s AC Unit More Efficient

We all want to work a little better in Portsmouth, VA, and our HVAC appliances are really no different. There isn’t a concrete cost for running your air conditioner during the summer, as the price differs depending on factors like the size of the unit, its SEER rating, the space you’re cooling, and how much electricity costs in your area. 

But needless to say, AC efficiency is something valued by any homeowner. 

It’s always possible to make your cooling system run stronger while using less energy. With the help of Energy Pro Heating & Cooling, you can make even the best system a little better.

How to Know You’ve Lost AC Efficiency

In many cases, you can tell when you lack AC efficiency. When it’s hot out and being inside doesn’t bring the relief that it should, that’s an easy way to tell that your system needs a bit of polishing. But other factors may require more observation to pick up on. Things like:

  • Ice build-up on the AC compressor
  • Frequent cycling
  • New noises
  • Spikes in operating costs

No air conditioner is completely silent, but if you’re suddenly noticing how your system runs, then it’s probably because it isn’t running the way you want. 

Maybe it’s an unusual noise — anything from a bang to a hiss. Or it could be that you’re suddenly paying far more for your monthly electricity bill despite not making any changes in the way you run your cooling system.

Regardless of what’s wrong, there are steps you can take to improve AC efficiency. In many cases, you can do so without needing the help of an HVAC professional.

Improving AC Efficiency

There are a lot of things you can do to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. It may surprise you that adjusting the system itself is only one aspect of the work you can do. You can change the state of your AC, the environment it functions in, and how you work with it.

Within the System

By far, the best way to improve your air conditioner efficiency is through your air filter. You should be changing your filter every 30 to 90 days, depending on if you live with animals or people with allergies. 

Doing this improves your overall indoor air quality, but it also makes sure that air can flow freely in and out of your system, improving efficiency.

If the filter is blocked, it makes the entire unit have to work that much harder. This blocking doesn’t apply just to dust and debris in the filter either; it’s important to look around your unit to ensure things like rugs or blinds don’t block the vents.

Within Your Household

A major cause of lost energy in your home comes from air leaks around the space. If you have cracks in the area around your windows or under the doors, these let cold air escape in the summer and warm air in the winter. Your AC will run longer, wasting power and raising your utility bills.

Within Your Habits

You can make things much easier for your air conditioner by making slight changes to your habits. Something as simple as keeping your doors and windows closed will give the system greater control over the space it cools. 

If you can stand it, even just raising the temperature five or so degrees during the summer will save you a significant amount of money and energy.

AC efficiency is a valuable thing for any Portsmouth home. But there comes the point when these tips and tricks aren’t enough to make your system run better. When that happens, it’s best to call the Energy Pro Heating & Cooling team for a professional’s opinion.

Energy Pro Heating & Cooling, Your Nearby Technicians

We’ve been a trusted source of heating and cooling services across Virginia for a very long time. For families with HVAC emergencies and small annoyances, our team pushes a level of service that you can really enjoy. 

Energy Pro Heating & Cooling offers 24/7 services because we believe our friends and neighbors across the state should be comfortable at home all year long. Our team is all professionally trained and fully licensed, and insured, ensuring that you get the top-quality service you deserve. 

Our AC repair may be exactly what you need for a more efficient household. So if you want to cool smarter, not harder, you can trust Energy Pro Heating & Cooling to make things work for homes in the Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Suffolk areas.

November 10th, 2021 | Heating and Cooling